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Welcome to NALEO (The National Association of Licensing and Enforcement Officers)

Promoting excellence in all areas of licensing


NALEO (The National Association of Licensing and Enforcement Officers) represents the interests of those responsible for licensing through the sharing of knowledge and information, close links with government bodies and civil servants, and by actively promoting and encouraging high standards and best practice.


Currently Open Central Government & Other Agency Consultations which concern NALEO can be accessed from the link Open Consultations . This will take you to a non-members page from where you can download the document from the external website. When NALEO has replied to a Consultation the response will  be displayed within the members area.


For over five years we have been highlighting those officers who have worked for and gained our fully externally accredited (Pearson -ex Btec) qualifications if you are a qualified member why aren't you showing off your achievement and skill-sets?

If you are qualified why not submit your name  to NationalSecretary@naleo.org.uk for adding to the "Roll of Honour"? 

If you are not yet qualified why not? The Training page allows you to download the Booking forms.


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