Professionalism Through Knowledge


Who Are NALEO and Why are we here?

Why is NALEO only open to Regulators and not to the Licensed Trades?

NALEO was created in 1985 by 22 local authority licensing and enforcement officers from across the UK. Collectively identifying the need to promote a better understanding of taxi and private hire licensing matters - and the challenges of working in isolation - membership currently stands at over 550+, providing a valuable and powerful voice with which to raise the profile of licensing from the position of the regulators and licensing professionals.


The association's interests have long since grown to embrace all aspects of licensing as undertaken by Local and Public authorities, from LA2003, street trading, pet shops and motor salvage operators to gambling, tattoo and ear-piercing, sex establishments and cinemas.


NALEO provides a valuable voice and an information resource for its members through information and training and always promotes the role of the licensing professional across many aspects of our lives.


NALEO is recognised by the Home Office, DfT, DBS, ACPO (and many more) and is regularly asked by government, statutory, legal and advisory bodies to comment on all licensing issues and consultation documents.


NALEO believes in consensus and often works or consults with many other organisations such as the National Private Hire Association [NPHA], Institute of Licensing [IOL] and National Taxi Association [NTA] to name just a few.


NALEO also has a suite of externally HABC accredited training courses in place and constantly under review and revision to provide the best possible training to the widest number of licensing professionals, whether employed by local authorities or the police.