Professionalism Through Knowledge


As an enduring legacy for our last remaining "active" Founder Member, Bryan Denby, our Ex National Chair (and just about every other job NATPHLEO and NALEO have ever had) it was decided to create, from 2012-2013 forward, an annual "Bryan Denby Award" for "Outstanding Service to Licensing".



In order for anyone to be nominated for, and if chosen to receive, this award they must be determined by the Awarding Panel to be "A person who has made a significant contribution to Licensing and Enforcement either locally or nationally". Any person who is currently, or who has been over a number of years, in a position to enrich licensing administration and/or enforcement is eligible- not just Individual, Retired or Corporate or Honorary Members of NALEO.


Nominations can only be made by an existing NALEO member(s). In order for the Panel to determine each award fairly clear reasons must be given for the nomination and the nominee must, in addition, have given their prior consent to their nomination before submission to the Panel.  


The Independent Panel, who have made the final impartial decisions since 2012-13 are:  


       Peter Perkins, MBE                               Rosaleen Brown,                           Bryan Denby  


Any decision of the panel is final and in the interests of transparency and fairness no Panel member  may themselves be allowed to nominate or suggest possible candidates.


For 2017 Submissions of nominees should be made to the Panel Chairperson Mr Peter Perkins, MBE by downloading the application form, completing and emailing it to  to be received by no later than the 31 August 2017.

The 2013 Recipient of this 1st ever Award was Mr Roger Butterfield, NALEO Honorary Solicitor

The Award was formally presented at the January 2013 National Training Event at the Puma Daventry Court Hotel, Daventry on the evening of Wednesday the 23 January 2013. Roger is well known nationwide for his long service to Kirklees Council, NALEO and the IoL and in truth there cannot be many Licensing Officers who have not experienced the Roger Butterworth experience!



The Second Recipient of this award [2014] was our current National Honorary Assistant Secretary Anne Aspinwall. 

The Award was presented at the 2013-14 National Training Event at the Puma Court Hotel Daventry. Anne having done almost every job for NALEO (National Chair, National Hon. Secretary etc (apart from Treasurer), was deemed to be a worthy candidate by the panel not only for all of her continuing efforts but for sheer persistence in getting NALEO's views across!



The Third Recipient  in 2015. was our then current National Hon. Treasurer, Ex National Secretary, and NALEO tutor. 


John is known to many members as a Training Tutor, Editor of the Book on CD, National Committee Members and self- confessed taxi and private hire licensing "anorak". His interest in relevant case law and legislation has over his years in NATPHLEO and now NALEO meant that he often engages with the Home Office, DfT and other organisations (such as the Meeting of Minds) members to generally promote common sense licensing methods and above all implementation of natural justice and fairness throughout. Originally employed by Sefton MBC in 1989 until moving in September 2012 to be employed by Knowsley MBC.


John was presented with 2015 award at the National Training Event in Daventry on the evening of Wednesday the 21st January 2015.




The recipient of the Bryan Denby award for 2016 was our Qualifications Officer and retired Wrexham CBC Principal Transport Officer Dave Blurton


Dave was for many years the "financially responsible" officer for NALEO as he was the National Honorary Treasurer before handing that role over to the current Treasurer (whilst retaining a working role in the financial viability of our training courses). Even when Dave stood down from that demanding role he was instantly pulled into the highly successful training and qualifications partnership with Anne Aspinwall which has kept NALEO at the forefront of providing Training opportunities to Licensing Officers throughout the country. There was no doubt in the Awards Panel minds that Dave's efforts were highly deserving of an Award which recognised those who had "made a significant difference" to Licensing Professionalism over many years.




 The recipient of the 2017 Bryan Denby Award will be published here once the winner has been determined.