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DBS Release Guidance for completing Taxi/ Private Hire Driver Disclosure Applications


DBS Release Guidance for completing Taxi/ Private Hire Driver Disclosure Applications

At the LGA Taxi and Private Hire Conference held on Thursday the 19 March 2015 at Manchester City Council Town Hall the following advice regarding completion of the Disclosure Application form in respect of Taxi and Private Hire Drivers was given by members of the DBS Policy and Stakeholder Relations Teams.

"Taxi and Private Hire drivers, whilst not in regulated employment fall into a special category and are definitely entitled to have a request for an Enhanced Level Disclosure made. In order to minimise the possibility of any delays the folowing points should be remembered:

Field 61 line 1, The workforce type box should be OTHER WORKFORCE

Field 61 line 2 The post type box should be TAXI Licence/PH licence

Also both the “entitled to check” boxes, CHILD and ADULT
can be selected X

Following these simple points will mean that the police will automatically look at these Disclosure applications so as to ensure that all convictions etc are disclosed and should relevant non conviction list information be recorded then that will be considered by the police for the possibility of disclosure. BARRED list information will also be provided in respect of both the children and vulnerable adult lists.

It was highlighted that if someone is shown as BARRED then as taxi/ph driving is not regulated employment being barred does not necessarily preclude licensing but, for example, a child employment barred applicant could not be permitted to undertake school or child transportation contract work.

DBS also stated that if Licensing staff were unsure if a driver whose licence had been revoked should be referred to DBS for a barring decision then informal telephone contact could be made in the first instance to
and the contact details for this can be found on the DBS website"