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2017 NALEO National Seminar adopts one member- one vote


2017 NALEO National Seminar adopts one member- one vote

At the highly successful National Licensing Seminar held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Wellington Street, Leeds on Wednesday the 11 October 2017 the Annual General Meeting voted unanimously, without abstention, to further democratize the rules of the Association by replacing the Constitution in force since 2012 with a newer more vibrant and inclusive one.


As of the close of that meeting the previous distinction between Honorary Members, Individual Voting Members, Corporate Voting Members and Corporate Non Voting members was removed with immediate effect.


Apart from certain (not all) "retired members" who still remain  without voting capacity all other members are now eligible both to vote in any regional or national elections but also have the ability to step up to the plate and play a more active role by seeking election to both the Regional Committees and Regional Officer positions and indeed the National Committee and National Officer posts.


The existing Committee actively hopes that this will encourage more members to actively seek change in legislation and to help to improve the lot of licensees and licensors alike. The existing Committee is in consultation with Home Office and DfT Ministers, TfL, the DfT Minister's Working Group, the Local Government Association and many others so if you hold strong views and wish to see things improve we ask all members a simple question- Why not get actively involved yourself?