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DVLA to Cease Driving Licence Check Service


DVLA to Cease Driving Licence Check Service


Decommissioning of DVLA Driver Licence Checking Service (DLC)



The DVLA are changing the way that driver information can be accessed and checked by local authorities.


They need to do this because the Government Gateway access, used by the DLVA to authenticate users of the DLC will no longer be available after 1 December 2018.


They have therefore revisited their service provision and made improvements and reduced costs. There are a number of options and they are set out below.



ADD would normally be for high capacity users such as third party companies.


The Share Driving Licence service allows drivers, through our View Driving Licence service to share their licence information with Licensing Authorities free of charge. The service generates a single-use check code to someone’s driving licence information.  


The driver will access to create a check code.


The driver will need their:

  • driving licence number

  • National Insurance Number

  • postcode on their driving licence


The check code is valid for 21 days. Once the check code has been redeemed it cannot be used again.


Our Check Driving Licence service allows you to check a driving record using a check code provided by the driver. It’s free, easy to use and available 24/7.


  • Go to:

  • Enter the last eight characters of the driving licence number you want to check: for example 116SM9IJ.

  • Enter the check code that the driver has given you: this code is case sensitive, for example, DwdNQZeY.

  • Select: Check licence.

  • You can now validate the driving licence details. There’s an option to ‘Save or print this licence’. You can also validate another driving licence by selecting ‘Check another licence’.


Posters giving more information about the “Share Driving Licence Service can be accessed here.


View Driving Licence


Check Driving Licence


DVLA Presentation to NALEO