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Home Office County Lines Campaign


Home Office County Lines Campaign

Today, as part of the Government's ongoing commitment to tackle serious and violent crime, the Home Office has relaunched its County Lines awareness-raising campaign.

The campaign aims to raise awareness of County Lines and how to spot and safeguard potential victims amongst licensed taxi drivers. With the right knowledge, staff will know how to spot potential victims and report concerns to either the police, anonymously to Crimestoppers, or safeguard in line with their organisation's safeguarding policy.

Specifically, the campaign seeks to:

  • Motivate frontline staff to look out for vulnerable children and adults;

  • Equip them with the knowledge to identify victims; and

  • Empower them to report any concerns to the police / safeguarding
    authorities / Crimestoppers.

    The campaign pack contains recommended messaging, promotional
    social media images and posters that members can download
    and share with local taxi firms to raise awareness of County Lines
    locally. The campaign pack can be downloaded here.
  • Further documents are also available on here:
    If you have any questions, or would like further help and guidance to
    raise awareness of County Lines please feel free to get in touch with