Professionalism Through Knowledge

Externally-accredited and qualified colleagues within NALEO- Showcase your skills!

The officers named below are just a small sample of the over 300 NALEO member and non-member Licensing Officers who have studied for and achieved externally accredited BTEC and HABC Licensing qualifications in disciplines relevant to their positions  and future prospects having first attended the NALEO training events.

If you also are one of the majority of these 300+ qualified members who have not yet given NALEO their permission to display the fruits of their hard work for all to see why not contact John Miley, via to request your name be added to NALEO's Roll of Honour?  

If  you are one of the officers who is considering taking an externally HABC accredited  course and qualification you can contact Teresa Bowley via: for more details.

Advanced Level Award- Basic Vehicle Inspection 
Alison Woodley Suffolk Coastal DC
Andy Roberts Cheshire West & Chester Council              
Wajid Iqbal Leeds City Council
Thomas Goringe Leeds City Council
Michael Moore Leeds City Council
Anthony Chawama Reading BC
Clyde Masson Reading BC
Catherine Anstey   Mansfield DC 
John A Shaw Wirral MBC 
Chris Williams    Wirral MBC 
Gemma McCormack  Milton Keynes BC 
Louise Bentley-Sinstadt   Canterbury CC 
Paul Johnson  Cheshire West & Chester Council    
Phillip Fitzsimmons  North Devon DC 
Craig Harper  Sheffield CC 
Julia Triandafillithis  Sheffield CC
Phil Dickaty  Cheshire West & Chester Council    
Ricky Casserly  Nuneaton & Bedworth BC 
James Newton  Warrington BC 
Nick Wheeler  Warrington BC  
John Dowding Bath & North East Somerset Council
Frank Russell Forest of Dean DC
Richard Etherton  South Kesteven DC
Steve Foster Ipswich BC
Andy Skipper Horsham DC
Pamela Whiting Mole Valley DC
Louise Attwood  East Riding of Yorkshire
Claire Benson East Riding of Yorkshire
Benjamin Eagle East Riding of Yorkshire
Stuart Hollund East Riding of Yorkshire
Charlotte Jarvis East Riding of Yorkshire
Paul Storry East Riding of Yorkshire
Lucy Watson East Riding of Yorkshire
Jim Grainger Derby City Council
Arron Kirkham Derby City Council
Alexandra Maschas Chelmsford City Council
Peter Chown Chelmsford City Council
Keith Alexander Brentwood BC
Malcolm Rollerston Braintree DC
Theresa Debbage Braintree DC
Colin Clarke Knowsley MBC
Dave Gard  Knowsley MBC
Daniel Mannion  Knowsley MBC
Alexandria Stewart Knowsley MBC
John Thompson Knowsley MBC
James Mortell St Albans Council
Nigel Speight Sefton MBC
Luke McCormick Sefton MBC
Michael Foulkes  Sefton MBC
Carl Van Breemen Sefton MBC
David Munnerley Sefton MBC
Charlie Robinson South Bucks DC
Adam Sherwood Harlow Council
Elizabeth Haydon Harlow Council
Alex Beebe Cambridge City Council
Daniel Bayles Cambridge City Council
Alexander J Nix Cambridge City Council
Luke Catchpole Cambridge City Council
Robert Osbourn Cambridge City Council
Austen Young Watford Borough Council
Jamie Mackenzie Watford Borough Council
Claire Mabbutt East Herts Council
Adam Robinson  Ipswich Borough Council 
Stephen Forshaw Plymouth City Council
  Intermediate Level Award- Taxi & Private Hire
 Victoria Jamieson Cambridge CC
 Alex Beebe Cambridge CC
 Daniel Bayles Cambridge CC
 Alexander J Nix Cambridge CC
 Lorraine Burman Aylesbury Vale DC 
 Carla Dijkman East Hampshire DC 
 Claire Langley East Herts DC 
 Pamela J Robinson South Kesteven DC
John Goodwin Peterborough City Council
Ian Robinson Peterborough City Council
Dean Ball  Liverpool City Council
John Bamber Liverpool City Council
George Carey  Liverpool City Council
David Colligan
Liverpool City Council
Natalie Dalzell Liverpool City Council 
Brian Douglas Liverpool City Council
Thomas Edwards  Liverpool City Council 
Simon Frost  Liverpool City Council
Maria Garrity  Liverpool City Council 
William Gibbs  Liverpool City Council
Derek Hughes Liverpool City Council
Stephen Kenealy Liverpool City Council
Karl Lloyd Liverpool City Council 
James Lyons  Liverpool City Council
Nathan Mawdsley  Liverpool City Council
David McKie Liverpool City Council
Thomas Morris  Liverpool City Council
Aziz Musa  Liverpool City Council
Peter Rafferty  Liverpool City Council
Alan Saxon Liverpool City Council
Stuart Seeley  Liverpool City Council
Gerald Thompson  Liverpool City Council
Ronald Turner Liverpool City Council 
Yvonne Willcock Liverpool City Council
Nathan March
Chiltern & South Bucks DC's
Lee Phillips
Forest of Dean DC
Jemma Dowle Forest of Dean DC
 Advanced Level Award- Taxi & Private Hire
Matthew Pickering  East Staffordshire BC
Shelley Tedstone  Sandwell BC 
George Curness  Plymouth CC 
Pamela J Robinson South Kesteven DC
John Goodwin  Peterborough City Council
Ian Robinson Peterborough City Council
John Price South Cambs
Tony Charlesworth Nottingham City Council
David Munnerley Sefton MBC
Professional Level Award-  Taxi & Private Hire 
Phillipa K Lane  Exeter CC 
Clive Stephenson  Sheffield CC 
Kate Brookbank  Chesterfield BC 
Jackie Allen Pendle BC
Margaret James Central Bedfordshire Council
Grace Dowson Chesterfield Borough Council
Richard Etherton
South Kesteven District Council
Advanced Level Award-  Licensing Act 2003
Duane Drew  East Staffordshire BC 
Claire Meakin  East Staffordshire BC 
David Macey  South Northamptonshire DC 
Pamela J Robinson South Kesteven DC
Adam Sherwood  Harlow Council
Grace Dowson Chesterfield Borough Council
Amanda Webster  Bassetlaw District Council
Kirsty J Morgan Bath & North East Somerset Council
Lee Phillips Forest of Dean District Council
Sarah Flower Bristol City Council
Abigail Holman  Bristol City Council 
Victoria Thomson  Kirklees MBC
Derek Hughes  Liverpool City Council
Carla Dijkman  East Hampshire District Council
Jacqueline Charlton  Sefton MBC
Advanced Level Award-  General Licensing 
Vicki Hopps  Kings Lynn and West Norfolk 
Andrew Tapper Bath & North East Somerset Council